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I got that first sale on Ebay

So you cannot imagine my excitement this morning. I woke up this morning and got notification from PayPal that I received payment. From who you ask? Something sold in my Ebay shop. I have been sourcing for the last 2 weeks, taking pictures and listing my life away on eBay. This particular item I sold, I bought it on Kijiji for $5.00 last week and it sold for $25.

Finally the ice has been broken. I was beginning to think nobody could see my shop. I can calm my nerves down knowing that I am doing something right. Each time I list an item, I share it on twitter and pinterest like my life depend on it. Yeah my life actually depends on this. I've got a child to feed and rent to pay. Those are my two major headaches right now. Maintaining a shelter for the baby and feeding her right.
In regards to the shop, I just have to keep going and not give up. Sticking to my own advice. I picked up some unique vintage toy cars yesterday and can't wait to photograph and list.
All I do is list list list no matter what.
I now follow people on instagram who make a living on eBay and then some . If they can do it, so can I.

I also changed the name of my shop to correspond with my blog and online identify. Branding....... Hello😀


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