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Making Money Online is Possible

I sold my first item on eBay back in December when I started. I have now sold 5 more items in January alone. This thing is real. People buy and sell online everyday. Its a billion dollar market. I believe I would have sold more but I stopped adding items to my shop and also not promoting. Since I lost my aunt to breast cancer, I've not been myself. I have been down most of January. Everything is a blare. I can't wait to go home and be with my family and be at my aunt's funeral.
I have been having some personal issues too, some including my marriage. Marriage is hard and to be in a long distance marriage, I donot wish it on my enemies. That's not how I planned it but things just happened that way.
Moving forward, I am going to grow my online presence and ecommerce. Build my social media spaces. I hope to get some ideas when I go home to Ghana.

Loosing a loved one

I had some wonderful plans and ideas for the new year of 2019. On the 1st of January, 2019, I received news of the passing away of my aunt in Ghana.
She lost her battle to breast cancer after 3 years. She fought a good fight.
I am so sad, and lost. The only thing to do is to travel to Ghana and join my family. It will help with the grief. I lost my own mother when I was very young and my aunt took care of me as her own child. I loved her dearly.

Sad beginning of 2019 for me.

 Auntie Diana in November 2015 when her breast was removed.