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How to Sell Online to the World from Africa

The internet has made a lot of things possible. The world has become a global village linked by the power of the internet. Information is spread so fast, you can get news online as soon as it happens.

I am making this post for people in Africa who wants to take advantage of the digital economy. You can sell anything online and reach a wide range of consumers.
Things that will most likely sell are handmade goods, artisan arts and craft, packaged food, Shea butter just to name a few. If you make these products great but if you don't you can buy them at a fairly good price from the artist who makes them
To start off, you will need very good pictures of the products you want to sell. Any good phone can take very good pictures. Get your friends and family to model for you. Take the pictures at a very good location with a good background. When I had my online fashion shop from Ghana, I had a photographer friend take pictures at Aburi Gardens, its a beautiful scenery and made the clothi…

34Social Media Marketing

I am launching my  new business today officially. 34Social Media Marketing

This is something I wanted to do since 2014 when I graduated from university.

If it didn't happen then, it is happening now. There is no write time for anything. Anytime is a good time. I am very excited about this new adventure. It's scary but we will not give up.

If you need help with your social media marketing and digital services I am your gal.

 Visit us to see more of what we do!